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Unfortunately, my passion for the luthery is not vocational. Music always was unnoticeable discipline in my family, and I was a kind of wear. This is one of the reasons because guitar came to me so late but strongly helped by a great friend of mine who make almost a torturous pressure over me to improve my performance with the guitar. Thus, in certain moment, I decided to attend some guitar lessons and for a while I was very enthusiastic to be a great guitar player in a band. Nevertheless, music is hardly supported and honestly talking, it is not so difficult to realize when a guitar player is a ‘killer’ , and absolutely, this was not my case. So, I decided to give up and be focused i business. Anyhow, I am quite happy with my own experience.

In Spain, there was no formal education for luthiers (neither now), just only a few luthiers shared their own experiences on building or repairing the instruments. In addition, secrecy was a current practice and a number of handicraftsmen had to do in his own before achieving the required know-how. In my personal case, I got my experience with my own guitars and other ‘brave’ friend’s guitar.

 For over than thirteen years it was a non stopped process focused in getting experience, investigating new techniques and developing new processes, with the main goal to build a high quality instrument taking care of every small detail and satisfying all desires requested by musicians. Before that, it was tough time but, finally, after long time, dreams came true and Ramos Guitars opened in 2007. Today, same spirit remains in the air.

Jose Ramos LuthierJose Ramos DrawingJose Ramos CarvingJose Ramos Adjusting


The steps involving the construction or the adjustment of any instrument can be thousands. Moreover, in many cases, the cause or the origin for similar problems detected in different instruments could be completely different nature, even when symptoms practically identical. This is the main reason because education, training and expertise play an important role in this work or art. In our workshop, in addition to our expertise in building custom guitars and basses, other services including adjustments and repairs are also offered for which a great experience and know-how on luthery is required. For your convenience, it is strongly advised your instrument to be repaired by specialized and handled well trained people. They provide to you the needed guarantee of a perfect work. Trust me when I say that your instrument will thank you.


If your have been reading up to this point maybe it's because you think that this project could be of your interest and that this document it is not wasting time. Thank you very much for sharing this little trip with us.

Greetings to all,
Jose Ramos

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