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In Ramos Guitars, we are aware that our instruments cannot cover the expectations of all musicians. It is not indeed our intention. We are very happy when musicians who choose our instruments are so pleased with them as we are with our work.

Each model, including Custom guitars, is drawn at a full scale before its construction is initiated. Not only the design is important, but also the selection of woods, hardware or pickups participate in the fantastic instrument achieved after a long construction process. And finally but not the last, musician feelings plays an important role as well when the instrument is designed. Only, in this way, a reliable instrument can be created.


All our guitars are hand manufactured and entirely assembled, one by one and step by step at our workshop placed in Barbera del Valles. Delivery may vary between 4 and 6 months approximately. Our production is very small but it is the policy of the company to continue on this way. We are convinced this the unique way to obtain an extremely high quality product. 

We do not want to get involved with large scale guitar manufacturing. In our opinion, handcraft becoming big business gives rise in a dramatical drop of the instruments quality. In the last few years, this has been the case of many reputed guitars workshops.


It is really difficult to explain the reasons why certain woods are chosen to build a guitar. Everybody knows there is great concern on certain forest species in high risk due to indiscriminate deforestation carried out by big industry. In Ramos Guitars, we are aware of this dramatic problem. For this reason, we bet on the use of alternative woods obtained under controlled conditions of farming and harvesting. Many people are unaware that this approach allows achieving a better quality matter than common woods typically used for instrument building. Anyhow, construction of instruments using conventional woods such as maple, indian rosewood, alder, ash, basswood and mahogany is still a current practice in our workshop, as far as the legal origin or harvesting of this wood under environmental friendly conditions is assured. In order to obtain an optimal product, all woods employed for construction are accurately selected and carefully dried before being used.


As previously mentioned in other sections, in general terms we do not apply overall cost reductions, not even in electronic components. Every small part in our instrument plays an important role in the final product. For this reason, in Ramos Guitars our instruments are equipped with CTS potentiometers, with the exception of Push-Pulls potentiometers. In addition to that, our instruments are shielded copper isolated also containing a high quality adhesive. Small metallic particles present in the adhesive provide the required high conductivity.


Since 2012, all our models are equipped with "RPS Pickups". RPS Pickups are hand bounded pickups which are manufactured in our workshop. In our opinion, only in this way we can assure we will get our final goal for sure. However, we are open mind to install other pickups upon customer request.


All our series models are equipped with saddles Nuts Graph Tech TUSQ or Graph Tech Black TUSQ. In the particular case of Custom models, nut selection is up to the musicians.

Buzz Feiten

In Ramos Guitars, a perfect tune is always a mandatory quality requirement. That is why, we strongly advice to everyone interested in custom or handmade instruments to take into account the Buzz Feiten system. If you want to know how this system works, please do not hesitate to come to our shop or visit the official website

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