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guitar building courses

guitar building courses

guitar building courses

guitar building courses

Today, huge amount of information is actually available. Unfortunately, in many occasions, this information is imprecise, unuseful, non-understandable o simply not trustable.

Ramos Guitars is aware of this unpleasant situation and, in accordance with our philosophy; we want to participate in the education of all guitar players motivated for a more intimate knowledge of the instruments. With this aim, some guitar building courses are organized

In general trends, courses are divided in 3 consecutive degrees or phases. Each degree should be accomplished before starting new one. The courses are organized in weekly sessions, no more than 2-3 hours per session. Knowledge should be achieved step by step for complete assimilation of information. Intensive courses are available upon request after a proper accommodation in the workshop agenda.

During the course, all students are using same raw materials commonly employed in our models. Personal assistance is, of course, provided during whole process, with my experience, drawing the prototype, discussing even the more little details and some ideas already around your mind. If desired, you can build your own pickups.

After the course, you will kept your draws and templates, so you can re-built your instrument at any moment, since regular tools used for construction are available at any DIY center.

In Ramos Guitars, we encourage using common sense and ability as main tools to be used when building your own signature instrument. And, we assure that consistency, perseverance, continuity and determination are warranty of a great instrument.


Course 1. Building an electric instrument (guitar or bass).

The objective of this course is to learn a general procedure to build your own custom guitar. It is not the goal of this course to cover all details and tricks involving the construction of a custom guitar but also give you a general overview and first experiences as a luthier. Thus, guitar design, drawings, proper hardware, selection of consumables, etc. are part of the topics to be visited. It should be point out that as a first step, all projects are primarily evaluated by teachers on the affordability for novel people. It is also remarkable that no commercial kits or ready-made templates are using during the course. Therefore, students are warranted to learn point by point without problems. This is the warranty for a professional instrument.

Fees: 2000 € + all the material required for building (price varies on instrument design, woods, consumables, hardware, electronics etc.). No limitation on time.


Course 2. Building another electric instrument (guitar or bass, or even a Jazz guitar).

In this second level, the main objective is to increase the knowledge as Luthier by increasing the concepts and, of course, the difficulty in building another electric instrument. For example, a semi-hollow guitar or bass.

As for the level 1, course 2 is no limited on time, no commercial kits or ready-made templates.

Fees: 1200 € + all the material needed for building (price varies on instrument design, woods, consumables, hardware, electronics etc). In jazz guitar the fees are increased by 800€.


Course 3. Internship Workshop

This course is divided in 40 hours modules. Basically, adjustments tasks, repairing are current topics included in the program. Nevertheless, the course is open for other topics.The students will create their own modules depending on the needs and future expectations.

Fees: 800 € per module.



Some works of our students:

guitar building coursesguitar building coursesguitar building coursesguitar building courses




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