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Spanish cedar


Botanical Name: Cedrela Odorata

Origin: South America

Density: ca. 490 kg/m³


Incredible wood, perfect in every way to my view. For many years the great luthiers of our country have used and use Spanish cedar for making Classic and Flamenco Guitars, for its stability and high capacity to transmit vibrations. I've been testing its capacity for quite some time ans I have no doubt in saying that is the perfect wood to repalce American Mahogany. Due to indiscriminate deforestation of large companies the American Mahogany is more in danger every day and we aren't going to participate in any way.

Cedrela Odorata appear on the appendix III of the Cites list. This means that no CITES certification is needed. Only raw lumber needs to be certified when it’s exported from the country of origin.

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