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Lord Bishop
Lord Bishop Rocks

"Jose Ramos, puts his soul into the guitars he builds and my stratomaster is a sonic beast!!!! cleans up when needed and breaks down distorted walls of sound when needed!! simply awesome we are working on the next one ASAP, CANT WAIT!!" LB

Carles Salse
Quantum Supernova / Exceso

"The perfect balance between versatility, comfort and design in one instrument. Totally custom built to cover my needs thanks to the excellent work, implication and commitment by Jose Ramos."

Alex Romeu
Dual Equation / Maleït / Fire of Revenge

"An incredible bass, versatile, very fast and comfortable with a powerfull and clean sound perfect for any musical style, without doubt the best bass I've ever had the pleasure of playing. "

Miguel Talavera
Miguel Talavera Power Trio

” The Dallas model is attractive, seductive, superlight, comfortable, versatile, with sustain, with a full color palette of sounds. It allows me to play with my own personality. It sound like jazz, country, blues, rock and funk...and the most important thing: It sounds like me...!”

Marcos Deker
Dorian / Partido, la banda / Rafa Pons

"Kevster model is what had always wanted: With telecaster attack ,body and a very fast action, my main guitar. The look surprised everyone, thanks Ramos Guitars.!

Jonah Luke
The Foxholes

"The Ramos Atlast models are perfectly suited to my needs and personality. Thus arose Andromeda and Cincinnati: my two favorite guitars for studio and live shows. Thank you Jose, and thanks to Ramos Guitars & Basses!"

Raul Quiles

"The daily requirement forces me to use quality material. After playing with these guitars could not return to trademarks."

Marc Diestre

"For years I've been playing Ramos Custom Guitars which are the best I have ever
played. Top material and brutal sound. I have not looked at other guitars ..."

Xavier Escayola
Cyan Bloodbane

"Awesome guitar! Versatile for any style, compact, comfortable to play, a treat instrument, missing me hours to play."

Fabio Di Angelo
Sypherion / Dual Equation

"It's my dream guitar come true by the best luthier that I know. Thanks Jose Ramos!"

Roque Casanova
Roque Casanova

"The sound is spectacular! Versatile, sweet and unique. The hand slides indescribable comfort. Neck feel that engages you and feel a merger with it. Typical design Strato, but with finishes that make that is different from the others. "

Jordi Sarrinat
Ley de Faraday / La Time Machine

"The iXtreme has become my favorite guitar a 4x4 guitar , comfortable with good feel and very versatile with a wide palette of sounds.The main achievement is its great definition and clarity along with a great tuning stability. Definitely a great tool, perfect for any occasion."

Josep Castello

Josep Castello

 "I tried many guitars but I've never felt so comfortable with any as it. For its sound, for its quality, for its versality ufffff, I'm flying high!!. Thank you so much Jose Ramos for this artwork"


Andre Tonelli
Andre Tonelli

 "it is a guitarist’s natural extension, a mix of the modern and classic, and an inexhaustible source of incredible sounds."



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